happy chinese new year

What’s special about happy chinese new year 2022 ?

Happy chinese new year is also a way to help you better understand the unique culture of the country of billions of people

Let’s learn about interesting things in the traditional Chinese New Year below with minionsdeals

Happy chinese new year on what date ?

Happy chinese new year is also known as the spring festival held according to the weekly calendar. That means Tet will be counted from the first day to the 15th day of the first lunar month. There are many countries in the world that celebrate the Lunar New Year, but China is considered to have the most unique festivals and customs.

happy chinese new year


Since the Chinese lunar calendar is based on the cycle of the moon, the holidays will be different. Normally, the Chinese New Year holiday will be from January 12 to February 20 according to the Yang calendar. Although Tet is celebrated in winter, it is still called the Spring Festival. Because, the time to celebrate Tet starts from the first day of spring and ends in winter. Traditional Chinese New Year is celebrated according to the lunar calendar and is meant to represent a new and prosperous life.

Features of happy chinese new year day

Before New Year’s Eve
The Chinese New Year begins on the days before the new year, when people will come together to clean their houses, decorate with lanterns, red couplets and perform many rituals to welcome the new year.

Clean the house
Chinese people have a habit of buying food, clothes and decorations about half a month before Tet. Then, about 3-4 days before Tet, they will clean the house together with the aim of banishing all the bad things in the old year. Often all family members will clean up together, which is both meant to show solidarity and help everyone relax together. Along with cleaning, if the old house can be repaired or painted more trees.

Let’s decorate the house together
Chinese New Year custom, after cleaning they will decorate the house together with red paper. According to the Chinese, the color red is said to bring many good things. Besides, they also decorate red couplets, red lanterns at offices, factories, houses, streets… Depending on what animal year is, the Chinese will decorate it in the shape of an animal. It’s all around the house.

happy chinese new year

Praying to Mr. Apple

The Lunar New Year in China is the same as in Vietnam, they also worship the Tao on December 23. On this day, the Chinese also make rice and choose to buy goldfish to worship their ancestors. After that, the whole family gathers together to enjoy a meal on December 23 and release carp into the river. The meaning of this custom is, to see Mr. Tao back to heaven to tell the Jade Emperor about life in the lower world.

happy chinese new year

The moment of transition between the old year and the new year

Before New Year’s Eve, the Chinese will gather together for a reunion meal, watch TV and light fireworks.

Year-end meal

On happy chinese new year, people gather together for the last meal of the year. All family members will reunite for dinner with Chinese dishes and share about what has happened in the past year. In this reunion meal, the Chinese often eat fish, dumplings and shrimp, soup… Then, everyone goes to the square together to celebrate New Year’s Eve. On New Year’s Eve all family members count down the time together.

happy chinese new year

Watch TV

If on the night of the 30th Lunar New Year, Vietnamese people watch the Tao Quan together, the Chinese watch the spring program on CCTV. The content of the program with many performances, comedy and the participation of many famous people from various fields came to exchange.

See fireworks

At New Year’s Eve, the Chinese organize fireworks to welcome the new year. The brilliant fireworks displays in the sky combined with the symphony brought the bustling spring atmosphere. Along with that are the shows.

happy chinese new year

New Year’s Day

On the first day of the new year of the Lunar New Year in China, the people of the country of billions of people also have unique customs such as: giving lucky money, going to the temple at the beginning of the year, wishing each other New Year.

Happy New Year’s Eve

Chinese New Year custom is to give lucky money on the first day of the new year. Red and pink bags contain money to celebrate the age of the elderly and children. Currently, when society is more and more modern, Chinese people also give priority to gift-giving transactions via online transfer.

happy chinese new year

Temple festival at the beginning of the year

On the first day of the new year, temples in China attract a large number of people to worship and pray for good luck throughout the year. In addition, many large temples also organize many interesting activities such as lion dance in the communal yard.

happy chinese new year

Wish a Happy New Year

On this New Year’s Day, the Chinese also give each other wishes. First of all, I wish my grandparents and parents good health and long life for a hundred years. As for the young people, they will wish good luck at work and children will wish to eat quickly, grow up quickly and be healthy.


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